I love to write. I love to be inspired.

I guess I’ve always loved songs that you can really drink in. I don’t think I narcassistic or sentimental, but I just love writing songs that expresses God’s own heart as he sings over his people.

In the congregations it’s very important that we sing songs together that express our confession and our faith, and most of all our thanksgiving. But what about when you’re by yourself and life has just dealt you with a nasty blow? So many times I’ve found myself out in the wilderness by the side of the road, either gonig somewhere or coming from somewhere, and I just needed to stop and think. Maybe your boss has given you a hard time at work, maybe that thing you hoped for didn’t happen, or maybe the person you love most is never coming back. What do you do? How do you pick yourself up again and cope with your own feelings of confusion, anger, even depression?

I’ve known those times all too well. But God taught me a very important lesson, when he told me this secret: Praise is your weapon. Singing to him in your own language or in a heavenly one is the best anti-depressant available.

These are a few songs I leaned on the road.