Hên Wlâd Fy Nhadau (Welsh National Anthem)

The Welsh national anthem is obviously very special to me having grown up emersed in Welsh national culture. It has been said that regardless of who can win a test rugby match against Wales, no country has ever out-sung us. It’s strange, but there’s a great deal of pride in that, somehow. If you’re Welsh you’ll understand. The anthem is to the Welsh, what the Haka is to the Kiwis. The full song (not just the exerpt used as the anthem) is a beutiful piece of poetry in true Welsh traditional style, making full use of the phoenetic range of the language. I recently came accross this phoenetic version of the anthem. Enjoy.

   My hair-n wool-add ver n-had eye
   Un ann-will ee me
   Gool-ard buy-rth ah chant-or-yon
   En-wog-yon oh vree
   Eye goo-rol ruv-elle-weir
   Gool-ard garr-weir trah-mahd
   Tross ruh-thid coll-ass-ant eye gwide

   Gool-ard, gool-ard
   Ply-dee-ol oiv eem gool-ard
   Trah more un veer eer bee-rr hore-ff buy
   Oh buthed eer hen-yithe barr-high

For the translation, check this site out:
Land of My Fathers


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